About Enfusion


Enfusion is a leading multimedia company created by Edwin van Os, also one of the founders of It’s Showtime.*n The team behind the organization has been involved for decades, but in 2013, the passion and love for combat sports brought them together to create something truly special.*n With creativity, courage, will and tremendous effort, Enfusion’s production achieved what both fans and broadcasters are expecting in quality, innovation and entertainment.

Where it all begins

The first stage in a fighter’s journey.< Amateurs and newcomers from around the world come to compete on Enfusion Rookies to be professional warriors and to someday fight at a prestigious Enfusion live event.

Enfusion’s scouts are on a constant look out for new talent and are responsible for finding many current superstars featured on the promotion’s main shows.

The youngsters on this program have to show will and real conviction, to be able to climb from the bottom to the highest level of competition.


The Enfusion brand represents the highest quality kickboxing in the world, as their shows constantly feature the best and most exciting line-ups possible. With 16 live events per year in various cities and countries around the globe, the promotion established itself as a household name in the world of stand-up fighting.

The biggest names in the sport have competed on Enfusion, such as Buakaw and Superbon, (Thailand), Andy Souwer (The Netherlands) and Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) to name a few.

Well-known veterans and established champions of the past are here to compete against the new generation of superstars. This premise combined with the top-notch production, unforgettable atmosphere, spectacular action an jaw-dropping KO’s are the main reason for the brand’s success.

Enfusion is a must-see event, not just for kickboxing fans, but for all kinds of combat sports enthusiasts too!!


The program where young and hungry fighters are guided to be the next big names in kickboxing.

The competition is fierce as every fighter has aspirations to reach the top of the ladder: the main Enfusion show. Champions of old, wanting to restore their names to past fame, compete against young titans, who are eager to prove themselves.

Enfusion Talents also gives a stage for local fighters to perform in front of their hometown audience. The chance is given to every fighter to reach stardom, they just have to take it!

The best fighters of Enfusion Talents will be the future stars of Enfusion.



3 rounds of 3 minutes..

Title bout male 5x3 rounds.

Title bout female 5x2 rounds.

No extra round possible.

Fighter can win by stoppage or judges decision.

10-9 point system per round.

8 count is minus 1, three 8 counts in one round is the end of the fight or five 8 counts in total.

If draw after 3 rounds, there is a deciding 4th round.

Male Female



bantamweight featherweight lightweight welterweight middleweight light heavyweight heavyweight
Strawweight flyweight bantamweight featherweight openweight