The Evolution of Combat Sports

Programs for everyone!

Enfusion – The main show where the biggest stars compete for the coveted world titles or in the leagues and tournaments to build their legacy
in the sport.

Enfusion Talents – The brand’s secondary show featuring upcoming talent next to international champions.

Enfusion Rookies – The first step in a fighter’s journey, this show provides a platform for debuting warriors to show their skills and prove if they have what it takes to succeed in kickboxing.

Enfusion Reality – The brand’s own reality series featuring fighters often seen competing on Enfusion shows. A unique opportunity for viewers to check behind the curtains and get to know their favourite kickboxers on a deeper level.

Enfusion Cage Events

Enfusion Cage Events hosts, Xtreme stand up, ECE Female and ECE MMA segments, all fought with mma gloves.

Enfusion around the Web

Social media is unavoidable in today’s world, not just for keeping contact with one and another, but to promote events and share information about brands. Enfusion is well aware of this, putting high emphasis on social media elevance.

Youtube – The most popular video sharing website in the world, and the home for Enfusion’s promo clips, free fight videos, and other behind the scenes footage that fans are interested in. Tens of thousands of subscribers, hundreds of videos, millions of views, but the goal is still the same: Keep going and reach even bigger heights!

Facebook – The pioneer of social media and still the most popular platform in it so it is mandatory for a brand to be on it. Fans can interact with Enfusion here on their official page, which features constant updates, polls, events, games, and other engaging content for fans to scroll through.

Instagram – The most popular image sharing platform is where fans can find the best pictures from Enfusion shows and/or behind the scenes featuring their favourite fighters.

Follow the Fighters’ Rise

Every fighter has his/her own story. Enfusion makes it possible for fans to losely follow the most promising prospects’ rise through the ranks until they reach the pinnacle of kickboxing, the Enfusion main show.

Prime example for this is Tayfun Ozcan, current -72.5kg World Champion and -72.5kg Enfusion League Winner, who started out in Enfusion Rookies and
climbed the ladder, beating legends on the way to become one of the most exciting stars to see today.