Dear Enfusion fans,

Enfusion presents a new game, where you can test and show your kickboxing knowledge!

We will do a trial run during the upcoming event in Eindhoven so that everyone can see and experience how it works. 

The points earned during the Eindhoven show will not be included in the final rankings, later on. 

You will be asked to make a match prediction for up coming fights during the show. 

You will have 4 options to choose from, which all will have different odds. 

  1. WIN for the red corner (decided on points)
  2. WIN for the red corner (decided by early stoppage/ (T)KO or any other reason)
  3. WIN for the blue corner (decided on points)
  4. WIN for the blue corner (decided by early stoppage/ (T)KO or any other reason)

There are points to be earned from each fight for the contenders of the game. 

Points earned will be added up to a total score. 

A possible fourth round will be taken into account in the end result.

The points can be earned at the following events:

18/4 Darmstadt

25/4 Slovakia

23/5 Tenerife

31/5 Groningen

12/9 Zutphen

26/9 Dordrecht

10/10 Antwerpen

17/10 Wuppertal

Every event will give the possibility to predict 3 to 5 fights. Participation is at zero cost. Everyone is free to play!

A correct answer will earn you your odds in points. So the odd is the same amount of points you will receive when you predict the correct answer.


Fighter A.   vs      Fighter B.

  1. WIN red corner (on points), quote: 2,5
  2. WIN red corner (early stoppage), quote: 4,5
  3. WIN blue corner (on points), quote: 3,0
  4. WIN blue corner (early stoppage), quote: 5,0

When you have chosen answer 1 and you get it right, you will earn 2,5 points.

When you have chosen answer 2 and it’s the right answer, you earn 4,5 points and so on…

When you have chosen the wrong answer, you will get 0 points. 

All points will be added up through the whole year. 

In the meantime, the running score can be found on our website. 

Enfusion has a spectacular prize for the kickboxing fan who earns the most points! 

The winner, who has the most points, will win a 3-day trip for two people to Abu Dhabi, on the 13th of November, which includes: 

– Accommodation situated in the same hotel as the fighters,

– Entrance to the weigh-in,

– VIP seats during the Enfusion Abu Dhabi event.