Sarel de Jong


Champion 61 KG
Champion 64 KG

61 KG and 64 kg
The Netherlands
175 cm

About Sarel de Jong


Sarèl ‘the Hunter’ de Jong is the current -61kg and -64kg Enfusion world
champion. The Dutch fighter, born in Delfzijl and currently living in
Meedhuizen, has been on top for a while now and is an all rounder,
considered as one of, if not the best in the world in her weight category.
The 23-year-old knew she was going to make it, from the moment she won the
world games in K1. She’s a very dynamic fighter, always busy moving around
and exploit the opponents weak sides by scoring points. She loves to use her
low kicks and to be unpredictable as this is an important aspect of her
game. Her career low was when she ended up in hospital after a spinning back
kick. Her proudest moments are winning the Enfusion word titles. She is
inspired by many fighters but at the moment it’s Tayfun Ozcan whom she
learns a lot from. Sarèl wants the whole world to know who she is, showing
her style and skills. Her goal is to beat anyone and to keep her world
titles. Outside the ring she has support of a lovely family, and is she
known as a kind, social and fanatic person. Her motto: First they ignore
you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.