The Enfusion Brand

Enfusion 5 sub-labels

Enfusion kickboxing

Enfusion kickboxing is an umbrella label of Enfusion.

A show for the up and coming, and the superstars of kickboxing, to show the world their skills, during a live broadcast, across many countries.

Fighters will face one another during 3×3 minute rounds, and 5×3 minute rounds during elimination fights in which the winner will gain a world title fight shot. The live show will feature a minimum of one title fight.

Enfusion Talents

The grooming of young and up and coming talents

A program, where the young and upcoming talents are groomed to be the next big names in Enfusion. The competition is fierce, as every fighter has aspirations to reach the top of the ladder and progress to the headline program of Enfusion. Champions of old wanting to restore their name to past notoriety compete against talent from various cities encircling the globe. These cities welcome the illustrious Enfusion events, which feature only the best names in the kickboxing world.

This unique program also allows for local promotors to fill the card with local talent.

This in turn provides the unrivaled rejuvenation of a wide variety talent providing the true depth of the Enfusion brand.

Fighters and talent from across the globe all receive equal opportunities to reach stardom.

After 77 editions, Enfusion Talents has surpassed its expectations. From 2020 all the Enfusion live events will only host the premium level of entertainment.

Enfusion Rookies

Where it all begins

The first platform where it all begins. Rookies and amateurs come to make a name for themselves to become professional fighters and someday reach the prestigious Enfusion shows. Many current Enfusion stars begun their journey here and where scouted out by Enfusion talent scouts to move forward.

Enfusion Rookies demonstrates the real conviction Enfusion has to the kickboxing sport from grass root levels to championship worldwide status.

Fighters and talent from across the globe all receive equal opportunities to reach stardom.

Enfusion Reality

In-depth behind the scenes into athlete training

7 successful seasons with variations of weight catergories, celebrities and gender. Each season is set to include 12 to 14 episodes. The focus of which, is on in-depth behind the scenes perspectives into each athlete and his/her accomplishments and sacrifices to achieve top level stats in this verycompletive kickboxing sport.

Follow the fighters as they train, eat, sleep, party, live and fight to become the tournament champion. Even though Enfusion Realty has only one winner, teams are formed using coaches from the opposite sex. This all adds to the maelstrom of excitement, drummed up by a set of worldwide top athletes. During each season challenges are designed to help team building skills and provide an advantage for each fight.

Enfusion Reality welcomes the world bare witness to its unique tournament proving ground, where champions of the future take hold on their first steps to stardom.

We are very proud to announce that Enfusion launches a new brand ECE.

Enfusion Cage Events, will bring exciting Xtreme stand up action to the cage as well as MMA.

Xtreme standup will be contested with mma gloves, allowing traditional Muay thai techniques, as well as stand up submission techniques, keeping the action flowing for you, the fans.

An all female segment will give females center stage as Julie Kitchen ECE determines to give females extra, and more equal opportunities in the combat world.

During 2019 ECE will promote in Holland, Spain and Portugal.

2020 will see an expansion with promotions all over Europe, Asia and North America.

An ECE night contains 3 live shows, an all female event of 4 fights, an MMA event of 4 fights and we will end the night with 4 fights of Xtreme stand up rules, all held in the cage.

Watch out for ECE promotions! The now and future of combat sports.

Martial Arts Productions Europe

Enfusion is a leading multimedia company that has been created by its CEO, Edwin van Os. His passion for fight sports and his years of experience in the industry challenged him together with his experienced production team to create the TV formats of Enfusion for the international TV market. After years of development the team of professionals have proved to be the world wide experts in fight sports television. With passion,

creativity, courage and efforts Enfusion achieves to make the productions that both fans and broadcasters expect in production quality, excitement and innovation. Fightsports is our passion and entrepeneuring is our life. For distribution Enfusion is working with Fighting Spirit, that is part of the Fighting Spirit Group.

History and career of Edwin Van Os

Edwin Van Os born 16th of May 1969 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Edwin attended school in Alkmaar and after secoundry school he attended Detex TMO textile management in Doorn during 1987-1989 which educated him in retail and the textiles industry.

Edwin then began his own retail chain of shops called Van Os and soon ran 7 outlets.

Edwin started training in kickboxing in 1988 at the age of 19.

In 1994 he bought his trainers gym named Georges Grandjean, he re named it Gym Alkmaar and began teaching full time.

He soon attracted new students to the gym and started a new generation of fighters producing some of the top names Ozkan Oktay, Sahin Kaas Yakut and Dennis Strybis who fought World wide and became champions which then started to put Gym Alkmaar on the map.

Gym Alkmaar became very popular with students wanting to train. The demand for his tuition soon out grew the original gym of 100 square meters so Edwin moved to a bigger premises of 1500 square meters during 1996 creating more space and an fully equipped enviroment for his students to train full time. Which soon attracted many more fighters, which moved from abroad to train with him in his new full time gym which soon became renowned. Many big names were produced in Gym Alkmaar..

For example:

  • Gago Drago
  • Dennis Sharoykin
  • Sahin Yakut
  • Joeri Mes
  • Lloyd Van Dams
  • Badr Hari
  • Melvin Manhoef
  • Thiago Tavares (UFC)
  • Fabiano Scherner (UFC)

2002 Edwin started a new company with Simon Rutz for promoting events and managing professional fighters the name of the company was “Its Showtime”.

It grew over the years, with the highlight event held once per year in the Amsterdasm arena in the soccer stadium of Ajax drawing crowds of 15,000 spectactors and broadcast world wide.

In 2004 Remon Daalder joined partnership and in 2006 Edwin and Remon Daalder started resort Superpro Samui in Thailand, which is thriving to this day as top professional fighters travel especially to Superpro to prepare for their upcoming bouts and to make use of the 4 boxing rings, cage, fitness center whilst staying in the camp facilities. Since 2017 Cross Fit is added as well.

During 2007 Edwin started working on productions, firstly commentating and later became host of the show, producer, director and executive producer.

A very versatile individual.

Edwin started the brand Enfusion Reality in 2008, a reality production bringing the top fighters from across the world to compete for the prestigious Enfusion World Title belts in different weight catergories along with a cash prize. 2011 Edwin added another label to his ever growing business, Fighting Rookies would be the first stepping stone for a semi professional fighter to be exposed and a chance to be scouted by Edwin Van Os himself. Its showtime was sold in 2012 to Glory worldseries, leaving Edwin no longer in partnership, this would allow him with his own visions of broadcasting in the kickboxing world. 2013 Enfusion Live was born. A concept to broadcast a top production as well as top fighters from around the world to the spectators at home.

Enfusion live is currently running very strong hosting 20 Enfusion events per year from different countries and show casing the new stars in the sport. Edwin began his own management company in 2013 and holds a strong stable of fighters which he has scouted himself.

In 2015 Edwin van Os started his B label names Enfusion Talents. A pre program televised live before the big Enfusion show itself.