Enfusion is a leading multimedia company created by Edwin van Os. The team behind the organization is already in the business for decades, but in 2013, the passion and love for combat sports brought them together to create something truly special. With creativity, courage, will and tremendous effort. Enfusion’s production achieved what both fans and broadcasters are expecting in quality, innovation and entertainment.

“Combat sports are our passion, entertainment is our life”

Enfusion works with Fighting Spirit, the leader in combat sports content distribution, to bring the band to worldwide audiences



The Enfusion brand represents the highest quality kickboxing in the world, as their shows constantly feature the best and most exciting lineups possible. With 20 live events per year in various cities and countries around the globe, the promotion established itself as a household name in the world stand-up fighting. The biggest names in the sport have competed at Enfusion live shows, such as Buakaw and Superbon from Thailand, Andy Souwer (The Netherlands), and Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) to name a few.

 Well-known veterans and established champions of the past are here to compete against the new generation of superstars. This premise combined with the top-notch production value, unforgettable atmosphere, spectacular action and jaw-dropping KO’s are the simple reason for the brand’s success.

Enfusion is a must-see event, not just for kickboxing fans, but all kinds of combat sports enthusiasts as well!



The program, where young and motivated fighters are groomed to be the next big names in kickboxing. The competition is fierce, as every fighter has aspirations to reach the top of the ladder, the main Enfusion show. Champions of old wanting to restore their names to past glory compete against young titans who are eager to prove themselves. Enfusion Talents also gives a stage for local fighters to perform in front of their hometown audience. The chance is given to every fighter to reach stardom, they just have to take it!



The first stage in a fighter’s journey. Amateurs and newcomers from around the world come to compete on Enfusion Rookies to be professional warriors and someday may fight at a prestigious Enfusion live event. Enfusion’s scouts are on a constant look for new talent and are responsible for finding many current superstars featured on the promotion’s main shows. The youngsters on this program have to show real conviction and will to be able to climb from the bottom to the highest level of competition.

Enfusion MMA

Adding grappling into the mix.

The next step in the evolution of Enfusion. The goal of Enfusion MMA is to help a smooth transition for mainly stand-up fighters to mixed martial arts with ground techniques. Because of this, the new program will have a 1-minute ground limit, allowing kickboxers and boxers to familiarize themselves with this new portion of combat. This show is not created to compete head to head with other MMA organizations, but to act as a middle ground while still maintaining the high-level stand-up fighting which made Enfusion famous and successful.

Enfusion Reality

In-depth behind the scenes into athlete training.

After 7 successful seasons, Enfusion Reality saw stars emerging, friendships made, and rivalries born. The show gives a unique behind the scenes look to kickboxers’ training, mindset and emotional state before and after fights along with daily struggles regarding weight cutting and more. The program’s in-depth perspective on each athlete’s accomplishments and sacrifices give a one-of-a-kind look on the competitiveness of kickboxing.

Follow the fighters as they train, fight, live together, and compete against each other to become tournament champions at the end of a season. Even though Enfusion Reality only has one winner, the competitors are sorted into teams with coaches of the opposite sex. During each season, challenges are designed to help teams build skills and provide advantages for each fight.

Enfusion Reality welcomes the viewer to a journey where new stars emerge!

Enfusion White Collar Kickboxing

Enfusion White Collar kickboxing will be the 6th brand of Enfusion.

A brand new label of kickboxing for non-professional fighters. The goal of the program is to give fighters a smooth entry to kickboxing with bigger sized gloves and shin protection. The profits from the show will go to charity!

History and career of Edwin Van Os

Edwin Van Os started training in kickboxing at an age of 19 in 1988. He saw a big potential in the sport, therefore in 1994, he bought the gym where he started, renaming it Gym Alkmaar in the process. The gym soon became a successful breeding ground for emerging stars such as Gago Drago, Badr Hari, Melvin Manhoef, and Thiago Tavares amongst others.

In 2002, Edwin started a new company with Simon Rutz for promoting events and managing fighters. The company was called It’s Showtime. The promotion grew to become one of the top competitions in kickboxing, featuring all the big names in the business.

In 2006, Edwin, along with Remon Daalder, started the Superpro Samui gym in Thailand which is to this day is one of the top destinations for fighters to train.

In 2012, It’s Showtime was sold to Glory, which gave an opportunity to Edwin to pursue his own new vision, which became Enfusion in 2013. After 6 years, Enfusion is better than ever, constantly featuring the top names in kickboxing and offer 20 live events per year.