About ECE

Fights in the cage

A new era for stand up fighting is about to unfold. Enfusion Cage Events will bring exciting Xtreme stand up action to the cage as well as MMA rules with 4oz and 6oz competition MMA gloves.

Muay Thai techniques, stand up submission techniques, and takedowns are allowed during Xtreme Stand up, keeping the action flowing and bringing more excitement to the cage...

ECE brings Female fights, MMA fights and Xtreme stand up, all into one cage, giving viewers a 360 vision of martial arts and combat excitement.


The goal of ECE MMA is to help a smooth transition for mainly stand-up fighters to mixed martial arts with ground techniques.

This concept is not to compete head to head with other MMA organizations, but to act as a middle ground while still maintaining the high-level stand-up fighting which made Enfusion famous and successful.

The new concept of fighting

ECE Xtreme Stand up is an exciting fight format fought over 3 X 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break. Contested with 4oz or 6oz MMA gloves.

Full Muay Thai techniques, including stand up submission techniques and takedowns (no ground work) will all add to this revolutionary style of fighting.

Allowing fighters to adapt their skills and fight fans to witness non stop action and an accurate skill set, which will be needed to gain victory.

Where it all begins

An all female segment of the evening will be promoted by ambassador Julie Kitchen, AKA Queen of Muay Thai.

Julie Kitchen endeavors to give a bigger platform for females to show their skills to the world in this combat sport.

Supporting and encouraging females to take center stage with the aim to make female fighting more popular amongst combat enthusiasts and broadcasters.

JK ECE endeavours to give females extra and more equal opportunities in the combat world.

Other modalities inside the cage


Xtreme stand up

3 rounds of 3 minutes, also for belt fights.

10-9 point system. Winner of the round gets 10 points, loser 9 or less.

All stand up techniques of MMA are allowed

Stand Up Submissions are allowed and can go to the ground for a max of 15 seconds.

After take down (not stand up submission attempt) fighters will be stood up immediately.

No 8 counts

Male Female



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